The ramblings of a madman addicted to tech


Well, hello there. I’m Nicola.

If you’re here you probably know me already, but here’s a quick rundown anyway: Italian sysops by trade, professional time waster by night. I started my career as a C#/JS developer, did that for a few years and switched to systems administration - mainly Windows - after that. In October 2020 I’ve started working at my current employer with a full time DevOps position, and since then I’ve been learning about that crazy world.

When not at work I usually throw myself at the most inefficient ways to waste time. I’m very into photography, music, gaming, books and TV, and somewhat into electronics, comics and music making. Obviously coding and sysadmin in my free time as well, as much as I’d like not to.

This blog has been through many iterations, but this seems the easiest one to write for, so maybe it will stick? Who knows. See you around I guess?

You can find me on the fediverse at waspodon or at one of the social links in the menu above - or drop me a few lines at wasp [at] wasp [dot] dev.

While you’re here, take a look at the /uses and /now pages, if you’re interested in what I use in my day-to-day and what I’m currently doing.